FTC Awful Bawlin
Zorro Real One
Whelp Date  2-01-2004
SIRE                                                                                    FTCH The Elm's Jig's Maggie's Mate
                         FTCH Milt's Queon  
                                                                  FTCH Mirabel Rose
IFC MJR Mitsou Argenteuil Striker   
                                                                  Mirabel Zebulon
                         FTCH Stanabe Mitsou De Tan  
                                                                  FTCH Tangerine Dream De Kanniest
FTCH Moneysunk Mountain Man    
                                                                  Hoppy Acre's Jimmy
                         IFC Taylor's Sock It Too Me  
                                                                  FC Snow Country Lass
FTCH Moneysunk Socket   
                                                                  IFC Able's East Coast Trimmer
                         Mitches Dana Of Cal's   
                                                                  Lovat Mitches Rhonda Stratford


                                                                 McBrid'es Mr. Hollywood
                        IFC Haunted Hill Harper  
                                                                 Goose Lake Britt

IFC Haunted Hill Shaker   
                                                                 IFC Branko's Big Sam
                        Dewsbury's Midnight Screamer  
                                                                 FTCH Branko's Chickadee

FTC Awful Bawlin Hoser    
                                                                 FTCH McBride's Iron Scooter
                        Haunted Hill Sounder  
                                                                 FTCH Branko's Kisser

Haunted Hill Halo   
                                                                 FTCH Kingwood's Shorty
                        FTCH Haunted Hill Slider  
                                                                 Haunted Hill Donna